Buying a home in the Carolinas? Let’s focus on what’s most important.
That’s typically the right neighborhood, and the right monthly payment. Everything else about the house can be improved later, including adding a room if you need to. Concerned about your credit score? We know reputable resources who may be able to help.

We know some great neighborhoods in North and South Carolina.
As we share our knowledge about everything from school systems to commute times, you’ll likely become an expert too. Typically, each member of the family has their own ‘considerations.’ Sharika wants to hear all of those, because everyone should have a home they love.

As a wife, mom and grandmother, Sharika has always focused on family.
She respects that many homebuyers are going through their own life transitions. And she knows that buying a house in the Carolinas is all about having a warm, comfortable house for families to thrive and grow. So let’s start looking at some of those Carolina homes for sale!


Sharika’s Smart Tips for Homebuyers


Plan on having 3% to 5% of the home’s cost for a down payment, plus 1% for closing costs. A bigger down payment = lower monthly payments.


Don’t worry too much about current interest rates. Rates change over time, and you can always refinance later when the rates are lower.


Get pre-approved for a loan before home shopping. Sellers favor buyers who can readily get financing. Looking for a reputable mortgage lender? Just ask us!

Working With Sharika as Your Buyer’s Agent

  • 1You’ll begin by completing an easy online form, to help us understand your goals and needs.
  • 2We’ll call to address your thoughts and questions, then explain the process and the details.
  • 3If it’s a good fit, you’ll explore and choose Carolina homes for sale, for us to visit together.

Sharika wants to hear about your plans.